Food As Medicine

A pure extra virgin olive oil gives a little kick at the back of your throat. That spiciness you experience turns out to be some of the best medicine nature has to offer. The compound responsible for the subtle burning sensation is known as oleocanthal, and it has a world of health benefits. A link has been established between oleocanthal and prevention of both cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

A Safe, Natural Cancer Blocker

The link between extra virgin olive oil and healing from disease has been known since time immemorial. Now, science is catching on.

Oleocanthal, explains Science Daily, that is responsible for destroying the cancer on a cellular level, both quickly and efficiently. The compound kills the offending cancer cells, while keeping the body’s healthy, functional cells intact, making it perhaps a near-perfect option for cancer treatment.

Better for Your Brain

Alzheimer’s disease has a naturally low occurrence rate in certain parts of the world where the Mediterranean Diet is the norm. When administered in laboratory tests in its pure form, cognitive disease and Alzheimer’s rates were lower. Olive Oil Times shares some insights on the research.

But, what if we told you that mono varietal olive oil is one of the healthiest things on the planet? What if we told you that extra virgin olive oil helps protect you against heart disease, diabetes, stroke, hypertension, depression, and cancer? There aren’t many things out there that boast the cancer-fighting power of olive oil.

Let’s go over 3 types of cancer-killing fatty acids in our olive oil, and give you a reason to stock the Morisca monovarietal extra virgin olive oil in your pantry.


You know that burning sensation that you get at the back of your throat when you drink extra virgin olive oil out of the bottle? No? Ok, so we like olive oil a little bit. You’ll have to trust us; it burns a little. The compound responsible for that burning is called Oleocanthal. Oleocanthal is a high acidity natural phenolic compound that is only found in olive oil. Natural phenolic compounds are sort of like alcohols, but they are a bit different (they aren’t bonded to a saturated carbon atom like alcohol is,) which is why we call them “fatty acids.” Oleocanthal is super-healthy. Recent studies show that it’s a cancer-fighting machine that has the ability to destroy cancer cells while leaving healthy cells intact.


So Oleocanthal can kill cancer cells, pretty cool right? What if we told you that the Secoiridoids in olive oil could suppress the actual genes that kick off cancer? Secoiridoids have been shown to suppress the gene that causes the Warburg effect in humans. Now we have a fatty acid that destroys cancer cells and one that suppresses the genes that cause cancer to kick into effect; what else could we possibly want? Maybe sherry vinegar and tomatos?

The Sherry Vinegar

Enriched with matchless and diverse flavors, sherry vinegar contains eighty distinguishable fragrant elements which render incredible sauces and salad dressings that other vinegar products fail to emulate. In addition to the remarkable taste and pleasure that exudes from an aged bottle of sherry vinegar, regular use of the high-quality Vinagre de Jerez supports health improvements and increases optimal functions of the body.

Daily consumption of genuine sherry vinegar progresses the health by:

  • Lowering blood sugar and blood pressure;
  • Enhancing weight loss and increasing fullness after meals;
  • Increasing good cholesterol (HDL);
  • Supports liver function;
  • Inhibits infections;
  • Counteracts diseases, such as cancer;
  • Prevents osteoporosis.

Sherry vinegar naturally also includes a variation of valuable and necessary elements for the human body, which include amino acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and an assortment of organic acids.

Health-conscious consumers can harvest health benefits through its advantages by using sherry vinegar as a salad dressing or adding two tablespoons to a meal. Optionally, two tablespoons of the sensational vinegar can be placed be drank after each meal.

Oleic Acid, Polyphenols, and Tomatos

Oleic acids present in olive oil have been linked to breast cancer suppression, while polyphenols in olive oil have time and time again been shown to fight off cancer, improve diabetes, help the heart, and relieve symptoms of depression. Like tomatoes? Researchers in Ireland have shown that when you combine the two, olive oil supercharges your body’s ability to receive the lycopene in tomatoes. Maybe that’s why we love crushed tomato terrine so much.