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The Food Service  Industry Should Provide Chemical-Free Dressing Packets

Americans have made a major shift in the last twenty years from tasty food to healthy tasty food. Hence; it is no surprise that vegetables, salads and fresh, local proteins are in demand and on our plates just begging for some delicious dressing to add a kick of flavor. Yet, what is the point of having healthy food if one drowns it in chemicals? This is why Olive Madehas created a portable single serving pack of extra virgin olive oil (real olive oil from real, quality olives), vinegar and salt.

We Should Have Healthy Options

Both public and private institutions like hospitals, schools and universities have much higher stakes in protecting the health and welfare of those they serve. In fact, both federal and state regulations demand the protection of those they serve. Likewise, the food service industry also has a plethora of responsibilities to the public.

Unfortunately, the individual packets of dressings that most of these places give with a salad are loaded with chemicals and ingredients that are terrible for our bodies. Dressings like these include nano-particles (an ingredient in sunscreen), high fructose corn syrup, GMO’s, trans-fats and MSG to name a few. It just seems strange that a hospital which treats people for heart attacks and cancer will then feed people the very chemicals that can cause these health issues.

Olive Made individual packets are not only void of all chemicals but also gives consumers the ability to add whatever amount of salt is suitable to them; catering to low sodium diets.

The Public Wants Healthy Food

Through education, science, the technology boom and globalization; the public knows what is and is not good for their bodies. Unlike the baby boomer generation; millennials are highly health conscience and want to know exactly what they are eating. The restaurant and catering industry would do well to use Olive Made individual packets because their largest group of consumers want fresh vegetables rather than starches and they want chemical-free dressing to put on those vegetables.

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