Catering Companies Love Our Vinaigrette Packets


If you have a catering business, you may be looking for ways to take your service up a notch. Though your clients may enjoy your current offerings, you may want to add that “wow” factor—the something special that differentiates your service from the competition. Here at Olive Made, we have designed the perfect product for your catering convenience. We have something unique: a natural oil product which travels well and is portable. Our single serving pods of extra virgin olive oil, vinegar and salt are easy to store in bulk, making them the ideal choice to have on hand.

Our olive oil tarrinas are filled with a distinctive monovarietal offering: crafted from the Morsica olive, this oil provides a pleasant and memorable experience. Olive Oil Market describes this variety as having “a sweet and mild taste, fluid in the mouth.” In Spain, olive oil is a fundamental component of the culinary experience, and now your catering business can provide customers with this special European flavor.

Our tarrinas pair well with a variety of culinary offerings: salad and crudites will maintain their crisp, fresh taste as the dressing is added by each individual as the final step. With the olive oil and vinegar in separate pods, each customer is offered the opportunity to completely customize her own dressing to her individual preference.

You can add these tarrinas as a bonus to a comprehensive catering package, or offer them as an addition to customers who would choose to add this healthful, flavorful bonus to their events. Guests at events will enjoy the customization of their own dressing as a way of feeling uniquely appreciated. Your clients who have attention to detail will appreciate the high quality of our oil and vinegar combination, and they will remember that your catering service offers a delicious product they have likely not experienced at other events.

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