Benefits of Single-serve Packets

Olive Made is a company who supplies quality olive oil products and other complimentary culinary items such as vinegar and olive leaf tea. One of their most unique items you can order is a package of single-serve olive oil and vinegar products. The convenience of purchasing olive oil this way is unmatched in our busy world today. Continue reading to see why you should join the healthy movement that has put olive oil at the top of the list of healthy ways to enhance the flavor of your meals.


As aforementioned, convenience is one of the biggest factors to purchasing single-serve packages, also called Tarrinas. It will take you less than 5 seconds to grab your Tarrinas of olive oil, vinegar, and salt, and toss them into your lunch bag, purse, or briefcase, for a healthy enhancement to your lunch on the run. The disposable packages will also keep you from having to remember to bring your containers home to wash every evening which adds up to even more time saved. You can have peace of mind with the pre-measured Tarrinas offered by Olive Made.

Controlled Portions

With the pre-measured servings provided by Olive Made Tarrinas, you will no longer have to think about whether you are consuming too much (or not enough) olive oil for your health goals. By purchasing single-serve containers, you can guarantee a 20 ml serving  extra virgin olive oil and 10 ml of our finest sherry vinegar every time. Included also is a package of iodized salt to top off.

Reduced Waste

Most people know that most oils have a fairly long shelf life, and olive oil is no exception. However, every time you open your bottle of expensive oils you run the risk of contaminants getting inside, which can greatly reduce the life of them. Oils can go rancid very quickly if they are exposed to outside contaminants, thus creating a rather expensive amount of waste. Having an individually packaged serving of olive oil as well as a complimentary serving of vinegar completely eliminates this risk.

What are you waiting for? Take the guesswork out of meal prep with the grab-and-go convenience of controlled portions, save time on dishes, and reduce the risk of contaminated bottles of olive oil with single-serve Tarrinas from Olive Made.

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