About The Tarrinas

What is unique about this vinaigrette and its ingredients?

Single Dose

The most basic ingredients in any vinaigrette are Extra Virgin Olive Oil, vinegar and salt. Our fuss-free portable tarrinas can be used as a simple dressing on their own or as the foundation of more elaborate sauces or recipes. There is no pre-mixing, so you can use as much or as little of each separate ingredient as you’d like to get exactly the taste you want.

Extra Virgin

Extra-virgin is as an oil that is pressurized mechanically, exclusive of chemicals or heat usage which alters the olive oil properties. Processed in this manner, extra-virgin olive oil provides a powerful flavor to the palate and more extensive benefits to the human body than processed olive oils.


Monovarietal olive oils are made from a single olive variety (also known as a cultivar), as opposed to several different kinds. These cultivars are bred for certain praised characteristics, thus producing their distinctively sought-after attributes.

Olive oils made from several different varieties are known as “blends,” and are often brimming with impurities. These oils were probably extracted using heat or chemical means. It’s doubtful that you would be aware of exactly what you were purchasing and then putting into your body when choosing inferior versions, and their flavors pale in comparison.

Health-minded individuals know that pure and simple is often preferable to a processed, adulterated product. At Olive Made, our olive oils and other offerings are created with the highest world-class standards as our guide.

Natural Organic Compounds

The Morisca olive originates from the Badajoz province, which inhabits fifty-three percent of the olive trees of Tierra de Barros; a resilient location with prime agriculture amid wet or dry weather. These particular olives contain:

While all types of olives deliver a large source of oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid, extra-virgin olive oil from the Morisca olive solely provides a variety of active compounds, including:

  • Oleuropein;
  • Hydroxytyrosol;
  • Oleocanthal;
  • Lignans.

Guaranteed Quality

Olive oil is graded according to how it is extracted, acidity and oxidation. Virgin oil is produced through mechanical cold pressing, and it is considered extra, or the highest grade and the best available, if it has superior flavor, clarity and aroma. Extra virgin oil is a superior or exceptional quality and is guaranteed by sealed packaging. If an oil vessel is refillable, that quality is not guaranteed.


Reusable containers can lead to the spreading of potentially dangerous pathogens and germs while single-use packaging ensures hygiene for all users.

Superior Taste, Color and Aroma

The organoleptic qualities of the oil are preserved by the sealed tarrina.


Making sure there’s plenty of bottled oils and vinegar available, especially during peak hours, can be an expensive task. Our convenient single serve packets of premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil can ensure everyone has exactly what they need with no muss or fuss.


Single-serving tarrinas address portion control easily, conveniently and affordably and help keep salads fresh, flavorful and dressed just right.

Tarrinas and vinegar and oil sets are the ideal additions to hospitals, schools, meal delivery services, food establishments and more. The convenient five pack set is great for individuals or families to purchase for on-the-go use or easy portion control at home. For a simple, pure vinaigrette with the highest quality ingredients, there is no better option.